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Womens Collection

Womens Collection

Total commitment®

On July 7, 1977, the Sail Racing brand was registered for the first time. Behind the brand were an enthusiastic group of sailors who wanted to fulfill their own needs. We design Sail Racing products for ourselves. Then we test, alter and test them again. Rather than follow what others are doing now or have done in the past, we chart our own course. In our pursuit to produce the best fitting apparel and most appealing designs, we incorporate exciting, new materials and technically advanced solutions from industries outside our own. Our reward is your satisfaction with the products that we put our soul into creating. This is what we call TOTAL COMMITMENT ®.



Everything we strive for and achieve is a collaborative team effort in the truest sense. The apparel and gear we offer are the products of a group of people who share a mutually rewarding goal. Our designers constantly research fabrics and insulations. The members of our test team expose every stitch of the prototypes to the breaking point. Then, together, we analyze durability. We question function. From all angles, the fit, size and shape that best suits the specific purpose of every Sail Racing product is explored and determined. The feedback these professionals provide help us keep Sail Racing well clear of our competition, at the forefront of our industry. This is our reward for introducing products that have more than our ambitions, dreams and sweat sewn in them. They have a piece of our soul.

Celina Burlin, Sail Racing Test Team



The Bomber Jacket

Women’s Race Bomber in wool and coated viscose, quilted part in nylon and the inner lining in 4-way stretch fabric for great comfort and flexibility. The quilted part is padded with 40 grams of PRIMALOFT® ECO, a lighweight, water-resistant and breathable premium insulation.

Womens Collection

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W Link Softshell

W Gale Bomber

W Gale Sweater

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Design Lab

Our products are born in our Sail Racing Design Lab. This is where we create products and systems that optimize function, value and appearance for the benefit of sailors who insist on long-lasting gear that performs without fail.