Sail Racing Design Lab

Our products are born in our Sail Racing Design Lab. This is where we create products and
systems that optimize function,value and appearance for the benefit of sailors who insist
on long-lasting gear that performs without fail.

Sail Racing Design Lab

Product evaluation

Sail Racing Test Team

Our designers develop products and systems through collection analysis and synthesis of data guided by the special requirements of our professional sailing athletes who comprise the Sail Racing Test Team.

Sail Racing Design Lab

Total Commitment®

They prepare clear and concise recommendations through drawings, 3D models and descriptions. Our designers improve existing products, as well as create new items of clothing and gear. And they often work within multi-disciplinary groups that include management, marketing, engineering and our manufacturing specialists. We put our hearts into every detail. This is what we call Total Commitment®.

Defender of the 35th America’s Cup


As proud official partner of ORACLE TEAM USA, defender of the prestigious America’s Cup trophy.