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Together with EVY Technology, we can now offer a Sail Racing Sunscreen Mousse with SPF 50. EVY Technology Sun Mousse is developed by Swedish skincare research, specially made for sensitive skin and an active life out in the sun.

EVY’s patented formula has several unique features that give you superior protection. It forms a protective barrier that enhances your skin’s natural defenses. The mousse spreads throughout the top layer of skin, instead of staying on the surface which many creams do, and it doesn’t rub off, whether you swim, sweat, or dry yourself with a towel. This means you get very long-lasting protection against both UVA and UVB rays. The product also protect your skin from heat, wind, and water stress as well as skin irritants such as chlorinated or salty water, algae, or soap. One container is 100ml.

How to use it:
- Apply before sun exposure
- Shake the bottle, turn the container upside down so that extra gas does not escape
- A handful of mousse is enough for an adult arm
- Rub the mousse between your hands for easier lubrication. The sunscreen works immediately
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